Special FREEBIE AND DISCOUNT CODE: BYOB (for Coffee and Milk Tea Lovers)

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We visited cafés and milk tea shops to find out if they’re BYOB friendly! 🙂 This is in line with our advocacy to promote Bringing Your Own Bottle. We truly believe that WE MUST ELIMINATE SINGLE-USE PLASTICS for us to have #MoreFIshThanPlastic in the ocean.

We must tackle and act right from the source, and sadly there are still a lot of stores that do not support our efforts to live sustainably. But we are also happy to know that there are already business establishments taking initiatives of using reusable cups. We’re excited to see more progress in putting an end to our usual disposables.
Do you happen to know any beverage stalls which are eco-friendly? Let us know by writing it down in the comments! We would love to know where to find them!


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