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a Filipina nature-lover and fitness-enthusiast based in Manila
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Green Fit Friend: Sustainable and Active for a Life Full of Bliss

There are two things I’m passionate about – a healthy body and a healthy environment. The beauty of the mountains, the seas and everything around us inspire me to be better with regards to how I live and how I impact my community. We are all interconnected, and I truly believe it’s no coincidence that you’re now here reading, we for sure share the same values – the love for nature and the love for life. I’m no expert but would like to show you the joy brought about by sustainable living as well as outdoor adventures. We can all start somewhere and I want to help you by sharing my journey in living zero-waste along with fitness tips that helped me get strong to pursue my dreams and passion.

Why zero-waste?

To live zero-waste is really difficult – from eliminating your wastes down to carbon emissions, it’s nearly impossible to cut all those while living in an urban world not unless you decide to live offgrid. But there are things that we can control and definitely do without for a healthier planet. I can not stress enough the importance of giving the future generation a healthy environment to thrive and simply to enjoy what most of us have had – a greater access to clean air, water and nutrition. So while we really can’t be “fully zero-waste” yet, let’s focus on what we can reduce and reuse. When I talk about zero-waste in my blogs it means not throwing anything in the landfills – I got my own compost for my biodegradables, and I reuse all the non-biodegradables (if not donated or sold). In short, I don’t give anything to the dumpsters. I have been doing this for three years now and I can say I have never lived so happy, free from the pressures of buying things I don’t really need.

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Sustainable Stories


“Life After COVID-19”                                   | A Vision

“Life After COVID-19” | A Vision

The pandemic changed our views of what has to be the norm.
It will never be the same when people prospered with the environment at cost. Today, the economy thrives when public health and natural habitats are put first. For no currency can grow without a healthy community and workforce behind it.

Overnight Oats Goodness (Five simple recipes)

Overnight Oats Goodness (Five simple recipes)

If it's the first time you're hearing or making overnight oats, let me try to describe it to you. Overnight oats are a pudding-like porridge prepared without cooking on the stove or in the microwave. You mix rolled oats with milk or water and other mix-ins and let it...

What to Put in your Eco-Friendly Emergency Bag

What to Put in your Eco-Friendly Emergency Bag

The abrasive ashfall from the recent eruption of the Taal volcano caused an alarm for the people not having masks readily available - much more to those near the 14-km danger zone left unprepared for the evacuation. Almost half a million have been ordered to leave the...

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